data insights = actionable plans
that will improve your business

our approach


All research companies provide data. Kempton Research and Planning is different.

How? We take that data, uncover the insight and then provide you with actionable plans that will improve your business.

Our initial approach is the same as other researchers. We take the time to understand your business and your marketing issues. We determine the key questions. We recommend the methodology for answering those questions based on your time and budget. We devise and execute the study. We analyze the data.

What comes after that is what makes us unique as a research firm. Our marketing and communications experience enables us to take that data one step further and turn it into insight. Insight which illuminates business decision-making. We put ourselves in your shoes and apply it to your unique business situation.

We answer questions like: “What does the data mean to the decision I want to make? What do I need to do to capitalize on this insight? We turn that insight into actionable plans and strategies to help your business grow and succeed.