the go-to resource for focus
groups in Sarasota


Focus Sarasota is not just a facility, Focus Sarasota is backed by 20 years of research experience, run by Stephanie Kempton, MBA, IPC Principal and owner of Kempton Research and Planning. Our community affiliations allow us to customize your groups for an aging demographic.

We are not a traditional facility with a one-way mirror. We offer the latest technology for streaming your group right to your desktop anywhere in the world. You can design and administer your groups as you want them. Whether you need full-service recruitment, facilitation and analysis or you simply need a space to conduct your own group, Focus Sarasota is your go-to resource for focus groups in Sarasota.

We understand your frustration with traditional focus group facilities and we are responsive to your needs in a customized way. We offer flexible pricing based on the service you need: whether you just need facility rental, or if you need the whole project completed from start to finish, we are your Sarasota resource.

Our affiliation with most focus group facilities internationally also allows us to help you with your multi-city project. Focus Sarasota is a member of the Insights Association.

Contact us at 941-587-6949 and ask for Stephanie Kempton.