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We offer research services just like any other research firm. But unlike some other firms, we are accredited by the Insights Association to conduct marketing research. The MRA enforces a strict code of ethics and certifies its members to conduct marketing research professionally. We adhere to those standards.

Stephanie Kempton has achieved her Insights Professional Certification (IPC) at the Principal level. For more information about the Insights Association, including its code of ethics, please visit

Kempton Research will never apply a one-size-fits-all research methodology to your business situation. The type of research that is most effective for your business is dependent on your unique business situation and the time and money you have to spend. We will never pressure you to spend more than you can. And we will always understand and respect your time frame.

Research applications include, but are not limited to:

  • advertising research
  • branding research
  • competitive intelligence
  • satisfaction research
  • awareness and usage studies
  • market segmentation
  • pricing research
  • positioning research
  • product concept testing

How do you know what type of research is best for your business? Based on your unique business situation, we will always provide you with a recommendation and custom proposal.